K Y R I E   E L E I S O N

Kyrie Eleison Baños - Jamir is not only the proprietress of 


Best known for her colorful hair and gown designs, Kyrie is also a part-time Blogger @ kyriemoon.comVloggerColumnist for Edge Davao, Stylist, Creative Director, Event Organizer, PhotographerModel and Modeling Mentor.

She's a peace-loving Libra who considers her love and passion for the arts the core foundation of her existence.

A hipster in denial, whose interest consists mainly of the following; Fashion, Music, Photography, Movies, Humor, Conspiracy Theories, TV, Magazines, Food, Travel, Crafts, History, Mythology, Mysteries, Magic, the Occult and Philosophy in which she mainly gets inspiration for her designs.

 Kyrie was born in General Santos City, Philippines. At an early  age, as young as 3years old, Kyrie showed a huge interest in the arts and sciences, from taking ballet lessons and representing Gensan in local and national pageants, being mother majorette to their schools marching band, and the president of their schools science club when she was on the 6th grade. She's also active in sports, darts & kickball.

Kinder and Elementary: Notre Dame of Dadiangas College - IBED

She started modeling when she was in 2nd yr, highschool at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, right after she took a modeling class from Joji Ilagan. She has modeled for local fashion designers and photographers,  walked the runway for Rene Salud, Frego and Bauhaus to name a few brands.

Her interest in fashion bloomed when she started to watch and draw anime, Sailor Moon is her favorite growing up. And as an adult she's surprised to know that most of the fashion in Sailor Moon came from high fashion brands like Versace, Thierry Mugler and Chanel. No wonder she's so drawn into it. She had an eye for fashion even as a child. She designed her own Jr. and Sr. prom dresses.

Following her graduation from high school, Kyrie studied at Ateneo de Davao University and took Political Science. Because back then, a degree on the arts got a lot of people raising their eyebrows, "No money on the arts" they say. On her 3rd yr. in college, she finally had enough and fully realized that her heart isn't in PolSci.

Luckily the first fashion school just opened in Davao, she was lucky enough that her parents supported her passion, and enrolled her to Fashion Institute of Design and Arts Davao (FiDA), where she took Fashion Design and Merchandising.

On May 2014 she took up Modeling at Masters School for Models Makati. She felt that her years of modeling experience is not enough foundation for her to get into mentoring future models. It's her way of really getting into the idea that she's a fairy godmother and would like to make dreams come true.

Following her graduation from FiDA, she put up her dress shop and later on interned for Edwin Alba's Atelier at Cebu.

She started her business when she was still 17 years old, selling accessories, such as necklaces and fascinators. She later on opened up her physical shop at age 21.

Her physical store is now 12 yrs, old and counting.

First impressions towards her, snob, mean, hard to get along with, but once you get to know her, you'll be surprised. :)

She likes to call herself a realist who is aware the world isn't perfect and people aren't perfect, but still chooses to believe on the brighter/good side of everything. Because she wants to be treated the same.

And a loon, who's working hard and won't stop at nothing in order to be able to make it big on the fashion world someday.

"Probably someone cast an undying love spell on me, towards my family, my friends, my love and my dreams." - Kyrie Eleison