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What's keeping me busy these days?
My last year at FiDA so far, has been, busy, tiring, inspiring, fun, crazy... 

Here are some sneak peek on some of the pieces that I made for my graduation collection...

Designed my own fabric, screen print, then hand painted the rest.

Studs and soft tulle

More studs. Hahahahaha!!!!

And even more studs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I wore...
On just any other school day, I normally wear comfy clothes, tanks, shirts paired with shorts and flip flops, going to a school with no uniform and dress code has its pro's and con's. I spice up my plain everyday school looks, with gnarly accessories....

What keeps my engine running?

Most of all...
So I set myself on a mission to sink my teeth on all the burger joints in Davao, just so I could figure out who indeed has the best mouth watering burgers in town. Why burgers you ask? Simple, I LOVE BURGERS. *oingk*

Backyard Burgers
click the link for the map

Ron had the Spicy burger thingy...

I had the bacon cheese burger...

Ron on his rib cage shirt and redish pink hair

one word: YUMMY.

nom nom nom nom nom nom nomnom nom nom nom nom nom nomnom nom nom nom nom 

They say, "You are what you eat..."
Does that mean that I am a burger?