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Please be familiar with the terms before renting a garment.

RENTAL AGREEMENT | The length of rental is 3 days after pickup, for all dresses in Kyrie Koutue (KK). Should you need additional time, each additional day will be charged differently depending on the garment.

RESERVATION-DEPOSIT | A non-refundable reservation fee of P100, which would also be the deposit fee that would be given back after the renter returns the dress/gown.

LATE RETURNS | Failure to return your dress/accessories on the Return Date will result in a Late Fee (LF) of P30 per day for the first (5) days. LF will increase P10 per day starting on the 6th day. Late returns that last more than 3 weeks, will result to posting of photos and personal info on ourBLACK LIST album [] and would be black listed from Kyrie Kouture.

CANCELLATION | Must be done within less than 5 days notice. If reservation exceeds 5 days, renter has to pay 25% of the rental fee.

DAMAGES - LOSS | All dresses must be returned to KK in their original condition. Damages incurred while the dress is in your possession, such as rips, tears, alterations not by KK, stains etc. a fee will be charged depending on the damage done. Lost garments would be charged its original cost.

DISCLAIMER | KK is not responsible for any wardrobe malfunction and shall not have any liability for damages incurred or arising out of the rental or use of any of our merchandise. All dresses are rented and accepted in their “as-is” condition.



PAYMENT | Understand that you are purchasing a special order item and that this order cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable. All sales are final. No exchanges. Upon order of my gown, a non-refundable minimum amount of 50% of the total price is required. 

SIZES | Understand that the choice on what size to order is mine. The measurements were taken by a professional and I’ve agreed with how they were taken. KK is not responsible for gains and losses in weight resulting in additional alterations. KK isn’t liable for measurements taken by a second party that wouldn’t be fit. 

PICK-UP | Any merchandise left 20 days past the stated wear date will be disposed of and forfeited. 

First user gowns are to be returned 3 days after the wear date. A fee of P35 a day will be imposed for late returns. I understand that the garment(s) must be returned in the right condition in which I received it. Damages/loss on the first use garment will have a corresponding fee depending on the damage.

REFUNDS & EXCHANGES | No refunds or exchanges. 

MISCELLANEOUS | If the event in which the garments to be used is cancelled, the client is responsible for full payment of all merchandise remaining balance, no exceptions.

The client must agree to the terms above. Having checked the specifications and they are what I have selected. 

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