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To show you how much SOUL loves and supports you, and welcome you fashionable souls as you venture back to the wild schools...

SOUL Lifestyle is giving away...

to be given away to the first 100 students to register -- all they need is an ID

Launch date: Wednesday, June 20

Where: SOUL Gmall
 (there will be a little table at the entrance where students can claim their cards from 10-7pm)

  • Exclusive shopping discount PRIVILAGE to welcome the schoolyear 2012
  • 10% discount on ALL PURCHASES
  • Can be used ALL THE DAYS of the week (it used to be just Wednesdays, right?)
  • Valid for 1 school year (SY2012-2013), make sure your ID is validated, to prove that you're enrolled this sem.
  • Can also be used in SOUL Abreeza and Pickled & Peppered GMall

Mark your calendars loves! 
And rush to SOUL Lifestyle's Gmall HQ
You wouldn't want to miss out on this!