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Yesterday me and my brother Jet, watched The Avengers, we woke up early so that we could catch the first screening at 11:00am, Robinson's. How long have I been waiting for THIS, remembered that after watching the credits roll on Iron man 2, wherein they found Thor's hammer, I was beyond excited. I even ranted about Chris Evans being Captain America, I mean, you can't be two superheros... you just can't!!!He's already the Human Torch on Fantastic 4. I was disappointed because among these intoxicating men...

I wanted Jensen Ackles to be the Capt. I still can't get the image of him in the suit, out of my brain... RAWR.

Despite this casting delima of mine, the movie turned out great. Still would have been better is Jensen starred on it. Haha. Sorry, the Supernatural fan girl in me just wouldn't STFU.
The Avengers was undoubtedly...

Got the same feeling when I was watching Space Jam as a 6 year old and Alien v.s Predator when I was 14.

Nobody likes a spoiler. Just my thoughts on he film. I swear no spoilers here.

  • Action sequences, as expected, were EPIC, it made me reenact some of the moves in front of the mirror. Looking like a complete loon. But you guys have to admit, we all do it, especially after watching an action packed movie. Hahaha
  • Cinematography, awesome. I felt like I was going through a comic book.Killer soundtrack, the music scores were great, I can't even count how many times I had goosebumps. Tony Stark has definitely has good taste in music. Don't wanna spoil that part, I just had to mention it. Was so psyched when Shoot to Thrill, the ACDC cover by Theory of a Deadman played. I was like...woah O_O The bands on the soundtrack include the Black Veil Brides, Five Finger Death, Rise Against, Papa Roach, Evanescence, and my new favorite band Cherri Bomb, I've just heard about this band a few months back,FYI the average of their age is 13, they play their own instruments, and they're already touring, awww... They're living the dream I had when I was 13... T_T
  • Structure, no dull, hey-I'd-like-to-check-and-see-the-time kind of moments. In a word, exciting. Unpredictable. The plot was great, the right amount of rise and fall, wherein they still gave us time to catch our breath.
  • Casting, you already know my take on the Capt. aside from that this went on-and-on inside my brain...So actress Cobie Smulders played S.H.I.E.L.D agent Maria Hill...

for me you will always be Robin Sparkles Scherbatsky.

Robert Downey Jr. I award him for Badass of the year. I just adore him. *hearts*

  • Screenplay, the short, witty/funny/clever one liners, I loved, most of them came from Tony Stark, who else. *hearts* All in all the screenplay was purr--fect. I have to admit I was expecting Samuel Jackson (Nick Furry) To say "motha-----" Hahahaha!!!
I'm having second thoughts on my dream to move to New York, especially in Manhattan, I mean Godzilla,the Decepticons, Kingkong, and now Loki's alien army...those villains love the big city!

Anywho, all in all, Best Marvel movie EVER, so far. They really pushed the bar high, where it left me to wonder, can they top it off with their sequel? In the future? Dan-dan-daaaan.I know Marvel wouldn't let its army of fans down.

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I'm too old for Barbies anyway.
Not all superheroes have super powers, for instance Hawk Eye and Black Widow, they just happen to have extraordinary skills, and everyone has that extraordinary power in them that only they posses, which makes them different compared to everyone else, this week is Anti-Bullying week, as the internet made our lives easier, to some it made their lives worse, Cyber bullying was the villains name.

Anonymous as his sidekick, they make peoples lives a living hell. The villain doesn't have a weakness, just like any other kind of bully, we can't beat them by force, we have to let our super powers out, non violent resistance as to what Ghandi said are our weapons against to those evil forces.

Just ignore them and let them be, surround yourself with people who matter, people who love and care for you, people who trust you, and give it time, those bullies will be history.

To those bullies out there, let me remind you that just recently, The House of Congress just passed House Bill 5496 or Anti-Bullying Act of 2012. Too bad college students, this only applies to students on grade school and highschool only. :(

Bullying meaning, any severe or repeated use of written, verbal, or electronic expression, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination of these by one or more students directed at another student that has the effect of actually causing or placing the latter in a reasonable fear of physical or emotional harm or damage to the property, creating a hostile environment at school and Infringing on the rights of the other students at school.

Recognizing this issue because (its Anti-Bulling week and) my younger brother told me about the bullies on his school (also my Alma mater, also brought back bad bullying memories). No one messes with my not-so-little brother, but me. I love how he handles the situation, he just tells them to back off, and that he doesn't want to hurt them (he could take them all out, he's 6'2'' for g's sake). And that nothing good will ever come on what they're doing. Yey!My bro's a superhero! :)

What he did reminded me of what Aidx once said,

"We have to be our own superhero."

Hope you have a bully-free summer. :)

P.S To those who plan to watch The Avengers, do stay after the credits, there is a preview of the sequel, Avengers 2, rumor has it that they will add new characters to the Avengers, bring out the comic books loves, better start guessing. Lastly not a rumor, but a fact, the second round of standalone character films are on their way. (Ironman 3, Captain America 2 and Thor 2)
Are you excited?