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Summer, kind of wonderful.

I love summer, and everything about it. No school, the beach, ice cold drinks on a hot day, so-golden-you’d-never-know fake tans, braids, staying inside when you've had too much sun, blasting the a/c, and watching movies, and the best of them all, more time for Fun, Family and Friends. *hearts*

What do you have in common with summer? I loouurrrvveee you guys,
Je' t'aime mes lecteurs! I really appreciate how awesome you guys have been to me, that's why I wanted to be a part of your summer 2012, by giving away this adorable over sized
Je t'aime Salade hobo bag from Salad; Bauhaus, who is more than capable of assisting anyone with their summer gear, weather you're on your way to the beach, to a theme park or wherever, this baby is definitely the bag for the job.


I will also be giving away this TOUGH Jeansmith iPhone case (also from Bauhaus), to the runner-up. *hearts*

You likey? Come joiney! ;)
Open to all readers, local and international!!!!

Just follow these steps...

Step 1
Follow @lakyrieeleison, and @BauhausPh on Twitter

Step 2
Like Bauhaus Ph, Kyrie Kouture on Facebook

Step 3
Choose a mode for submission;
Facebook or Twitter

Facebook; Post this on the Kyrie Kouture Facebook page...

"I wanna win that awesome oversized hobo bag from Salad; Bauhaus that Kyrie is giving away!!!"

Twitter; Tweet this @lakyrieeleison ...

"I wanna win that awesome over sized hobo bag from Salad; @BauhausPh that @lakyrieeleison of
kyriekouture.blogspot.com is giving away!!!"

One entry per person only. :) Will be accepting entries starting today.
The last day for submition of entries would be at 4.28.12, will be announcing the winner at the same date. Winner and runner up would be chosen via Random.org

Will contact the winners via whatever mode of submission they chose for their entries.

This summer don't forget to drop by Bauhaus Abreeza for the latest Summer 2012 collections from Cheap Monday, 80/20, Salad, Tough Jeansmith, Super Dry, Twistedmind !!!

Appréciez votre été!!!
Enjoy your summer loves!!!!