Please be familiar with the terms before renting a garment.

RENTAL AGREEMENT | The length of rental is 3 days after pickup, for all dresses in Kyrie Koutue (KK). Should you need additional time, each additional day will be charged differently depending on the garment.

RESERVATION-DEPOSIT | A non-refundable reservation fee of P100, which would also be the deposit fee that would be given back after the renter returns the dress/gown.

LATE RETURNS | Failure to return your dress/accessories on the Return Date will result in a Late Fee (LF) of P30 per day for the first (5) days. LF will increase P10 per day starting on the 6th day. Late returns that last more than 3 weeks, will result to posting of photos and personal info on ourBLACK LIST album [] and would be black listed from Kyrie Kouture.

CANCELLATION | Must be done within less than 5 days notice. If reservation exceeds 5 days, renter has to pay 25% of the rental fee.

DAMAGES - LOSS | All dresses must be returned to KK in their original condition. Damages incurred while the dress is in your possession, such as rips, tears, alterations not by KK, stains etc. a fee will be charged depending on the damage done. Lost garments would be charged its original cost.

DISCLAIMER | KK is not responsible for any wardrobe malfunction and shall not have any liability for damages incurred or arising out of the rental or use of any of our merchandise. All dresses are rented and accepted in their “as-is” condition.


PAYMENT | Understand that you are purchasing a special order item and that this order cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable. All sales are final. No exchanges. Upon order of my gown, a non-refundable minimum amount of 50% of the total price is required. 

SIZES | Understand that the choice on what size to order is mine. The measurements were taken by a professional and I’ve agreed with how they were taken. KK is not responsible for gains and losses in weight resulting in additional alterations. KK isn’t liable for measurements taken by a second party that wouldn’t be fit. 

PICK-UP | Any merchandise left 20 days past the stated wear date will be disposed of and forfeited. 

First user gowns are to be returned 3 days after the wear date. A fee of P35 a day will be imposed for late returns. I understand that the garment(s) must be returned in the right condition in which I received it. Damages/loss on the first use garment will have a corresponding fee depending on the damage.

REFUNDS & EXCHANGES | No refunds or exchanges. 

MISCELLANEOUS | If the event in which the garments to be used is cancelled, the client is responsible for full payment of all merchandise remaining balance, no exceptions.

The client must agree to the terms above. Having checked the specifications and they are what I have selected. 


KK strives to present pieces that mix unique characteristics with marketability, perfectly paired with the clients personality and preferences.

Owned and managed by Fashion Design and Merchandising graduate, Fashion Designer, Kyrie Eleison.

KK is a brand that started way back in 2009, debuted on Kyrie's debut party.

KK is where, Past, Present, Future, Color, Light, Darkness, Fantacy, Reality co excist.  

For the rockstar fashionista in all of us, Kyrie Kouture is best noted as Barbie mixed with rock n' roll. Quirky, Feminine, Chic with a rebellious edge.

2009, Kyrie Kouture started as a page on FB that makes custom accessories, from headdresses to wristbands. As you could see on our old albums.

2013 we opened our shop for a 1 year trial period, then officially had it opened on Jan 2014. 

On our shop we have a wide collection of cocktail dresses, evening gowns, ball gowns, suits and costumes available for rent.

We also do custom pieces, first-user garments, and repairs.

Your fairytale awaits. <3 font="">


Pres.Manuel Quezon Ave., Cornr. Sampaloc, General Santos City, PH, 9500
M-S: 9am- 6pm


  • What are your services? - We design and produce custom evening gowns, wedding gowns, cocktail dresses, wedding entourage, suits, festival wear, pageant gowns, swimsuits, ready-to-wear, repairs, costumes, costume props, event planning, photo & video coverage, catering, office uniforms, school uniforms, scrub suits. We also have cocktail dresses,wedding & evening gowns, wedding entourage, barongs, suits, terno's, national-halloween-childrens costumes, togas and accessories available for rent. 

  • Operating hours? - Mondays - Saturdays, 8:00am-6:00pm

  • How much does each dress/gown cost? - Prices depend on the complication of the design + materials + time given for production.

  • First user basis? Yes, we have a first user price and a To-Own price, everything would depend on the complication of the design + materials + time given for production.

  •   Where is your shop located? We're located at Quezon Ave., Crnr. Sampaloc St., 9500 General Santos City, Philippines,

Detailed Directions...
Take a cab, tricycle or your personal service,from Pioneer Ave. turn right at Eastwest Bank, continue along Quezon Ave. until you'll see Kyrie Kouture thats located on your left side, a black and white shop, [Keep a look out for a tree with hot pink ribbons on it] fronting Gensan Pet, and alongside AFA Motorshop, just along the corner of Sampaloc St. For an accurate overview pls. check here, Google maps:

  • Do you take bulk orders?- Yes we do.

  • Embroidery?- Yes we do.

  • Shop hours? - Monday to Saturday, 8:30am - 6:00pm.

  • What time does your shop open?   - We open around 8:30am, and close around 6:00pm.

  • Payment method for made-to-order and first-use gowns/suits/RTW's/etc?  - We require 50% upon order then 50% upon pick up.

  • Do you offer instalments?  We don't. 

  • I want you to design a dress for me, what should I do first? - First, have a clear idea of how you want to look like on your gown/dress, would it be classic? modern? quirky? sexy? color? When you have the ideas already, set up an appointment, contact us at 09076253888  and set up an appointment, to avoid schedule issues. 

  • If I have a design I like that I got online, will you make/produce it?  We can't copy what is in the photo or design that you got online, we would have to make it our own, with major or minor changes in the design and materials, as designers also have a code of conduct that stealing designs aren't acceptable, for inspiration purposes, yes, maybe, but exact duplication of a design won't be accepted.

  • How long does it take for one dress to be finished? - Production time would depend on the design, if its complicated and has a lot of details, it would take longer. An initial fitting time would be scheduled before final completion of the garment. Be sure to be present on the scheduled fitting time, as there are other clients on que for fittings, not being able to attend scheduled fittings would mean a delay on production time, and would also compromise the schedules set for the other clients on que. 

  • Rental timeline? For how long could I have the rented garment? Rentals are only available for 3 days, if a client fails to return the garment 3 days after, a fine would be placed on the garment, per day of failed returns.


Contact us
0907 625 3888


Sarangani Bay is a bay located on the southern tip of Mindanao in the Philippines. It opens up to the Celebes Sea on the Pacific Ocean. Outlined by white, black and grey sand beaches, open waters, fine beach resorts, rock formations, mythical caves, thousands of coconut trees and mangroves, and filled with protected seascapes, rich coral reefs,  rich marine life such as large squid, sea turtles, whales, dugongs, dolphins, manta rays, barracuda, marlin and of course tuna that are common sight to the gorgeous azure blue waters of the Sarangani Bay.   Which makes it an awesome place to swim, dive, play, enjoy water sports, explore and even just to enjoy this paradise and chill beneath the shadow of the palm trees.

 The 230-kilometer, idyllic shoreline offers prime white beaches that face the tranquil waters of the Celebes Sea. The Sarangani Bay area is also a popular scuba-diving and snorkelling destination providing diving-sites with shipwrecks that go way back to the Spanish colonization.

Local and foreign tourists come to Sarangani bay because of the fine beaches, especially the ones in Glan,  that features powdery white sand beaches that are considered the finest in the Philippines. 

I along with fellow SOX bloggers along with 30 representatives from private and public tourism specialists and TV crews from local and international media boarded the Bangsi 1 for the SARBAY CRUISE, to literally test the waters for them to develop the possibilities of the said cruise.

Our journey's starting point is at Gensan Fishport, making our way through SARBAY to our 1st stop at...
RD Nelly Nita Dillera Welcoming everyone aboard.

Captain with Ben Clarke owner of Bangsi 1
Everyone kept an eye out for dolphins and dugongs that could be found within the bay.

Fra (Takaw Travels) and Isko  having a chat with Bangsi owner Ben Clarke

Look at that view. Makes me wanna paint this scenic and calming view.

.. to our 1st stop... breakfast at Lemlunay, Maasim

Lemlunay Resort, has an awesome view of the Sarangani Bay on the right and to its left the Sulawesi sea. Known to be an awesome diving spot that features the Tinoto wall, which runs 10 kilometers along the bay, just infront of the South Point Divers clubhouse and the wall drops to over 50 meters and 10 to 20 meters from the shore.

Lemlunay is a T'boli word meaning "Paradise", aside for its famous diving spots, they also have other amenities such as their infinity pool, restaurant, camping grounds, open cottages, water activities, and fully air conditioned rooms.

for more info you could visit their website 

our 2nd stop... lunch at... LANAI 1687

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit by Lanai 1687

1.) Breath taking views (Instagram worthy views)

 2.) Scrumptious food 
(Their steaks and seafood dishes are to die for) 

 3. A great place to unwind and enjoy nature

For more info and reservations

our 3rd stop is at... Glan port

Beats accompanied warm welcomes and traditional dances...

^ photo grabbed from: Francis Isko ^
Toured downtown Glan on a tricycle, showcasing the municipal's landmarks, such as 
the I *heart* GLAN, the century old ancestral houses, and the Golden Municipal Hall.

Gomen for not having any more photos, as my camera malfunctioned around this time. *sobs*

^ Photo from MAHIN fest trip ^
^ Photo from MAHIN fest trip ^
Our last stop on Bangsi 1 is on...
Isla Jardin del Mar
We were welcomed by the Indonesian community in Glan with samples of their traditional dance, they even asked us to join them. I was blushing in shame, cuz I suck at dancing. lol

IJDM has to be on top of my favourite beach resorts in Glan, as it has a great fusion with the new and old, natural and man made on their resort, from their air-conditioned and non air-conditioned bamboo cottages, their beach paths to the Sunset garden and Sunrise Garden that both rock formations with marine creature sculptures being reflected on their clear waters, cemented paths to both gardens by the shore. And don't get me started on their food. Ugh. Would definitely make your swimsuit lossen up I tell ya.

[Insert link of Isla Jardin blog post here...] //Soon//

^Photo from hearts day trip, post about it soon ^

^Photo from hearts day trip, post about it soon ^

^Photo from hearts day trip, post about it soon ^

^Photo from The Great Glan Gourmet Getaway, post about it soon^
^Photo from The Great Glan Gourmet Getaway, post about it soon^

^Photo from hearts day trip, post about it soon ^
For more info about Isla Jardin del Mar and bookings visit their site

I must admit, it was quite tiring, but believe me, the experience was totally worth it.
Thankies Sis Lodar for having us.

For Bangsi 1 updates pls. visit their FB page HERE

Fancy a different route to Glan? Take you and your friends on a Sarbay Cruise! Please contact Go Sarangani Travel for your booking this June 3, 4, and 5.
Start point is Glan Poblacion Pantalan - Isla Jardin- Glan Poblacion
Cruising Sarangani Bay for 2.5 hours.
Rate is P300/head with free snacks!

See you at Sarbay 2016!!!